Volume:7 No:2

Occupational Stress and Workplace Creativity (WPC): Understanding the Relationship / Riffat Faizan Irfan ul Haq / Adnan Faridi /Akhtar Baloch / 1-10

Role and Effectiveness of Five-Performance Indicators (Price, Dependability, Speed, Quality & Flexibility) in Attaining Competitive Edge in the Aviation Industry / Irfan ul Haq / Riffat Faizan / 11-51

Human Resource Plan for Franchise Businesses – Critical Case Analysis of Labour Shortage and Surplus / Nhu Nguyen / 52-60

The Impact of ‘Destination Image’ on Marketing and Branding Tourist Destination in Developing Country / Akhtar Baloch / Adnan Faridi / Riffat Faizan / Irfan ul Haq / 61-91

Cooperation in Voluntary Tax Compliance and International Compliance Assurance Programme (ICAP) / Hakkı Odabaş (Corresponding Author) / İmran Arıtı Erdem / 92-97

Volume:7 No:1

The Impact of Stress on Employees in the Indian Restaurants Operating in the UK / Junu Sharma,  Nasreen Zehra, Edward Anyaegi

Impact of Training on the Organisation Commitment: Case Study of Banking Sector of Hyderabad, India / Mark Houlding, Fayyaz Riaz

The Correlation between Dimensions of Organizational Commitment and Organizational Support Program in the Hospitality Sector of UK / MD Rasel, Blerton Hyseni, Zufiesha Zehra

Critical Analysis of Mountain Riders’ Attributes, Motivation, and Travel Patterns in Adventure Tourism Inside England / Balamurgan Pandurangan, Rubina Viera, Marium Zahid

Financial Inclusion and Economic Growth in Turkey: A Causality Analysis / Mehmet Hilmi Özkaya

Volume:6 No:2

Impact of Brexit on Economic Sentiment in Euro Area and European Union 1-4 / Funda H. Sezgin / Yilmaz Bayar

A Conceptual Investigation of “Green Organizational Behaviors” in the Workplace 5-10 / Bekir Değirmenci

Impact of Brexit on the UK Stock Markets: Evidence from FTSE100 11-14 / Funda H. Sezgin / Yilmaz Bayar

Volume:6 No:1

The Effects of Consumer Perception of Volume Discount Benefits on Impulsive Buying Behavior: 1-17 Faiza Arshad, Sania Arshad

The Role of Work-Life Balance in the Retention of Female Employees in the IT Industry: Responses from the South Indian SME Software Sector: 18-33 Sree Lekshmi Sreekumaran Nair, John Aston, Eugene Kozlovski,

Role of Marketing Mix (4Ps) in Building Brand Equity: Case Study of Shell Petrol, UK: 34-68 Najmusaqib Niazi, Muhammad Rashid, Zurabi Shamugia

The Impact of E-Service Quality On Customer Loyalty in United Kingdom: 69-90 Afshan Jalil, Harleen Kaur, Anjali Vijay Jogia

Waterfall Process Operations in the Fast-paced World: Project Management Exploratory Analysis: 91-99 Harkirat Kaur Aroral

Are the Buying Patterns of Green Products and General Products Comove with Each Other?: 100-115 Bismah Rao 

Volume:5 No:2

The Mediation Effect of Corporate Image on the Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility Perception on Corporate Reputation: The Case of Healthcare Employees / 1-18 Lina Karabetyan

The Interplay of ICT, Innovation, Per capita GDP and Chinese Tech Policy / 19-33 Henri Kouam

Strategic Planning in British Higher Education Institutions: Qualitative Analysis / 34-62 Zurabi Shamugia

Supply Chain Management’s Determinants and the Overall Performance of the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Sector in Pakistan / 63-80 Najam Safdar Choudhary

The Factors of Customer Satisfaction Driving Purchase in Textile Business: The Case study of Denim Garments from Pakistan / 81- 103 Hammad Channa – Sheikh Sikandar Sajid

Volume:5  No:1

Assessing Fiscal Sustainability in Turkey through Cointegration Analysis with Multiple Structural Breaks

1-9 Hülya Bulut

The Relationship betweenFinancial Markets and Economic Growth: The Case Study of Georgia

10-18 Naib Alakbarov, Rakhshada Murshudova

Volume:4  No:2

The Suppliers’ Characteristics affecting the Supply Chain Disruption: A Case Study of RB (Reckitt Benckiser)
119-134 Muhammad Taha Ahmed, Muhammad Ammar Alam

The impact of organisational stressors on the organisational commitment of contrasting gender working at London City Airport
95- 118 Muhammad Abdullah

The correlation between resilience (suppliers’ characteristics) and supply chain disruption: Evidence from dairy SMEs in Pakistan
73-94 Nadeem Hussain, Zuhaib Asghar

The impact various determinants interlinked with the job satisfaction and employees’ performance at Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), Pakistan
54-72 Naushad Siddiqui,  Mohammad Abdullah

Big data usage in electrical distribution systems: A review
43-53 Okan Şen, K. Çağatay Bayındır

An analytical study: Understanding and realization towards the notion of intercultural communicative competence
31-42 Arshad Saleem, Amber Nasreen Anjum

The impact of fiscal decentralisation through 7 th NFC award on healthcare and basic education in Balochistan, Pakistan
1-30 Manzoor Ahmed, Akhtar Baloch